The word “Clad” means to be covered or clothed.  CLAD & CLOTH is meant to inspire women to be clothed in confidence and independence. 

A “clad & cloth” girl is tastefully dressed, modest, bold, and unique.  A “clad & cloth” girl is more than her clothes and never hides behind scantily bits of fabric.  She is smart and kind.  She is daring and respectful.  She is courageous and gentle.  She is calm, cool and collected.  She is your best self.



Everything in the shop is handpicked just for you. That’s why we promise to never over saturate our shop with pages of product, but rather have fewer pieces, that once we saw we couldn’t live without.  Every girl deserves the best and we think your wardrobe will thank you for it.



CLAD & CLOTH hereby promises to always supply you with on trend, modest, quality apparel until the day we die.  Our job is to search the world (and we do mean world) to bring you the brands and fashion that you’ll feel confident and comfortable in.  Our store will only be supplied with the best because we think you’re worth it.